As Salaam’Alaykum and Hello Friends

My name is Camelia and I am the aspiring poet of our Hijab-Ez friendship group. My father is a native Egyptian and my mother was born here in the USA, just like me. Before I was born my mother decided that Islam was the truth, so she became a Muslim. I guess you could say we are all Muslim-Americans!

My Dad has an Italian restaurant and all my friends tease me. They say to me, “Why doesn’t your Dad have an Arabic restaurant?” I say... “I don’t know!” Hee! Hee!

Rose is my very best friend. One time she and I almost got into BIG trouble when we went to the animal shelter to find a kitten for a friend of Rose’s Grandma. Can you believe it! All the cats and dogs got loose, but Rose and I didn’t do it! The story is in Islamic Rose Book 2 – Hijab-Ez Friends. The story is called Miss Kitty.

Rose shares my love for poetry. I have put some special poems on this page just for you. I hope you enjoy them as I do! Click on the name of the poem below. I hope you will come back and visit with me again, InshaAllah (Allah willing).

Your Hijab-Ez friend,


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