Salaams and Hello and
Welcome to the World of Islamic Rose

My name is Rose and I am so happy you came to visit with me. Have you met all my Hijab-Ez friends? I hope so because they have lots of fun activities for you to do and you can get to fun activities from their web pages. I love to go rock hounding. I collect rocks from everywhere I visit.

I have a really “cool” telescope and I have fun looking for and at the moon, stars, and planets in our universe. Grandma and I love to visit historical places and the wonderful natural sites that God created here on earth. Do you like Cats? I Do! Right now I have 8! Grandma says NO More Cats! Hee! Hee! I know some great websites that tell you about how to care for cats properly. I hope you will enjoy your visit with me, my Hijab-Ez Friends and spend some time reading some really good stories on other web pages. Don’t forget to check out the Hijab-Ez Friends Club and join the club!

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