Attention: Islamic School Teachers and Administrators-New Teacher Study Guides

As a Muslim publisher of quality English language Islamic fiction and a pioneer in the field, we would like to contribute to Islamic schools by providing you with engaging, fun novels using Islamic morally accepted themes. Not only are our novels "kid and teen approved", but we now have made it even easier by creating corresponding cross-curricular teacher guides that have been field tested and approved by Muslim educators and administrators.

Recently, Star Writers, an educational workbook for aspiring writers, has been used in the Language Arts curriculum for an increasing number of Islamic schools and has received many positive reviews. Contact the publisher for details and learn about the discount offered for school purchases.

Don’t forget to ask the publisher about bulk order discounts!

Attention: MWP Is Now Sponsoring Book Fairs and Creative Writing Contests

JAMS Book Fair
MWP is now offering Islamic schools our exciting JAMS Book Fair program designed uniquely for Muslim students that can directly profit funds for your school. As a Muslim publisher of quality English language Islamic fiction, and a pioneer in the field, we would like to contribute to Islamic schools. In the two-week JAMS Book Fair duration, for each book sold, your school will earn $3.00. Muslim Writers Publishing will additionally donate $100 worth of books to your school library if your fundraising efforts reach a minimum of $400! Contact the publisher for details.

Creative Writing Contests
MWP is offering sponsorship of creative writing contests to students who would compete with other students for prizes and certificates provided by MWP. Students have the opportunity to use their creative writing skills to submit their stories to the school contest for judging by MWP. Schools have the opportunity to earn new books for their school libraries for their participation in a MWP sponsored creative writing contest. Contact the publisher for details.

Muslim Writers Publishing-Islamic Rose Books
Supports Islamic Children’s School Libraries

The importance and need for providing quality Islamic books in our Islamic schools for our children is a matter of concern for all parents, teachers and indeed all Muslims.

To promote and assist in this important endeavor the publisher of Muslim Writers Publishing, who is also an award winning author, has dedicated the profits from the books she has authored to buying books for Islamic school children’s libraries.

Each year for the past three years two schools have been selected to receive new books.

Islamic Schools who have received new books:

Olive Grove School
Ontario, Canada

International Academy of Cincinnati
Chester, Ohio

Sister Clara Muhammad School
Richmond, Virginia

Islamic School of Rhode Island
West Warwick, Rhode Island

Phoenix Metro Islamic School (PMIS)
Tempe, Arizona

Arizona Cultural Academy
Phoenix, Arizona

Donations towards this effort are appreciated. Send to PayPal at Address is [email protected] Subject: Books for Islamic Schools

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